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Apartments for rent Kastropol

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Rent apartments and houses at the southernmost point of the Crimea

The village of Castropol is not only the most southern point of the Crimean peninsula, but also a paradise with amazing nature and sky-blue sea. The coast here is amazingly clear with sandy beaches and deserted coves, and have a large choice of properties in the village. You can choose for themselves the most appropriate option and price, and comfort level. Thanks to this favorable service, you can save considerably on your summer vacation, do not have to pay commission for the services of intermediaries or real estate agents. The site offers a variety of one, two, three and four bedroom apartments, studios, cottages and private homes for large families and singles who wish to spend a memorable weekend in the Crimea.

Small cottages and apartments for a day by the owners, you can take off on

If you are planning a vacation in Kastropol big group of friends or family, even a two-bedroom apartment can be too close. It is for these large companies have options of cottages and private houses that you can rent from the owners via service. This accommodation option offers travelers a variety of options for entertainment, because you can have picnics, sunbathe in the backyard and a breakfast in the open air. You can choose a house with a swimming pool and garden or over budget option in good repair and a large space for accommodation and renting it from the owners. In online you can book houses and apartments for your holiday without commissions, as well as to communicate with the owners of the contact details in the ad.

What you need for a good holiday in the apartment of the sea?

Vacation at the seaside is the best way to relax after hard working days, but if you do not come to his planning responsibly, it can turn into a real nightmare. The main element of a successful trip is a comfortable apartment for a day or longer. As usual during the summer holidays is very hot, the apartment has to be air-conditioned and fairly high ceilings, as well as event location in the park or near the tree, so they gave shade. In addition, constantly need something to wash in the summer, so think of a washing machine, ironing board and refrigerator, so as not to spoil the products. Apartments with all the amenities you can find and book online via service.